55 John LayzellAttention all SCCA® RallyCross® Drivers! We are looking for video clips to share on our new CFR RallyCross® YouTube Channel. While sharing a few minutes of your video may not actually make you famous, it would help out tremendously with attracting new drivers to the sport and help to support a great cause (RallyCross® of course!). So, if you have 30 – 90 seconds of video that you have not yet uploaded to YouTube and that you can give us permission to post on our YouTube channel, please reach out to rallycross [a] cfrscca.org for information on how you can become our NEXT YouTube Star (or really just share your videos for the love of the sport). We will provide credit in the YouTube description for everyone that shares with us and helps us to build up content on the channel. So, be sure to include a link to your youtube channel or website so we can share that in the description.

While we have your attention, we are also looking for a driver or active spectator who likes to write. We need a volunteer who can write up a short 1-2 paragraph summary of each event with winning drivers from each class, specifics of the track that day (was it muddy? dusty? were drivers having fun sliding through a particular corner?), and anything else that would help others understand the sport. This can be as simple or elaborate as you would like, but what we would like to see is someone that loves the sport explain to others how much FUN it is out there during each race! We would like to have each of these written within a few days of each event, so if this sounds like it is something that you would enjoy helping us out with and can commit to writing for at least the last few remaining races of this year, please reach out to us at the email address mentioned above.

Thank you to everyone in advance! Looking forward to seeing you at the next race!!

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