I am very excited to 38 of you registered for this event. Based on the popularity of the event, we will be making some minor changes to the originally proposed schedule. Please note that some of these items will be covered in the morning drivers meeting. I will be heading to the track early Friday, so if you have any questions before the event, please CALL ME using the phone number referenced in my signature. Let’s have a great event, and tear it up!


  • The Check-In/Registration window will be open from 7:00 AM – 8:45 AM.
    • DO NOT BE LATE. Driver’s arriving after 8:45 without prior notice will not be allowed to compete, and will be refunded any pre-paid entry fees.
    • BE EARLY. New driver’s should arrive as early as they can.
  • We will try to manage 3 run groups.
    • If all registered drivers attend the event, we will have the availability to run 3 run groups. This will mean that we will not take a break for lunch, but continue to shift between groups the entire day.
    • The participation method will be Drive, Work, Rest. Meaning, Group 1 will drive first, once a driver completes their runs, they will be prepared to work, once they work, they will get a rest break.
    • If more than a few drivers are unable to attend, then we will need to shift to a 2-run group configuration. Additional information is already included in the attached .PDF document.
  • We will be making announcements over the PA as to where each group should be at any given time.
    • Please listen for the PA announcement. If you are on a rest break, we will have the PADDOCK workers preparing to corral the next group to the grid as soon as the last group is near it last few cars.
    • If you don’t know where you are supposed to be, ASK
  • Review the Course, Walk the Course
    • Once the course design is confirmed, it will be drawn out on a white board at the Timing Booth, please review the design and recognize where each worker position is located.
    • Once the course is confirmed as open in the morning, please do a walk through in order to verify you understand the layout
  • Review your registration information and worker assignment
    • We will be posting results after each heat. If there is a dispute about the course or about a specific RUN, please present it to the GRID or SAFETY workers. The timing individuals need to remain focused on their tasks in order to keep entries accurate.
    • We will have multiple numbers running different classes, and the timing crew must stay vigilant when entering in information.
    • If the timing crew needs to make a complaint to the event steward, the offending individual will be penalized during the event. A repeat offense will involve removing the driver from the event.
  • SAFETY is our primary goal
    • At any time a Safety or Event Steward sees necessary, the event will be stopped and any concerns will be corrected immediately. These have at times required a course change, but are necessary to make sure the event runs in appropriate guidelines of our rulebook and safety requirements.
    • If any driver is deemed as driving erratically or uncontrollable on any surface at the racetrack, they will be immediately removed from the event. THIS IS A NO TOLERANCE POLICY. Yes, we are here to race, but please keep all RACING on the competition surface.
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