Hello RallyCross!

Event 01

Thank you again to everybody who came out to help us kick off our 2021 point season with a great event at Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park – as always we are very grateful for their hospitality and all they do to help us continue to do what we love.  The results from this event are now live on the RallyCross website.  Season Points will start getting updated after the next event and will be found on the same page.  Registration for the next event (March 13th) is open and you can sign up now at http://msreg.com/CFRX-S21E02 !

Program Growth and (Good) Changes

As our program continues to grow and evolve, we’re growing with it to ensure that events run smoothly and we can keep the fun going.  To that end, we are adapting some of our procedures regarding check-in, tech inspection, event flow and scheduling on event days.  We’ll release the full details once we have everything finalized, but you can expect some minor changes to your mornings that result in us getting out on course sooner and with more seat time – those are the kinds of changes I can get behind!

Car Classing

As a reminder, all competitors are responsible for classing their own cars into the correct class – you can find the details in the RallyCross Rulebook for how to determine your car’s class, and if you have any questions you can always email us or post any questions on our Facebook page.  You MUST have your Number and Class on both sides of your car – and it has to be visible!  The RallyCross Rulebook gives a minimum of 8″ tall for car numbers and 4″ tall for class, and they must be in a contrasting color to the background they are on, whether that’s paint, glass or magnets/decals.  Moving forward, we will be checking this at Tech Inspection and your car WILL NOT PASS TECH until you have your number or class.  If your number or class falls off during the course of an event, we will notify you at grid and treat it like a mechanical failure – you’ll have 10 minutes to correct the number/class.  

Course Work

I’ve mentioned it at Drivers’ Meetings but here it is again – We are an ALL VOLUNTEER CREW that runs these events!  Our events are Dirt Cheap because we don’t have to pay anyone to come out and wave flags or stand in a field with a radio.  If you are driving in an event it is expected that you will be out working at a corner station for at least one heat in the morning session and one heat in the afternoon.  If you are not able to for any reason, we are very accommodating but please tell us so that we can make arrangements – and we aren’t left standing around scratching our heads wondering why we can’t fill 6 worker positions from a pool of 15 drivers!

And remember – our next event that’s just around the corner is a night event!  But more on that soon…

See you out there!