Host a RallyCross

Do you want to support amateur motorsports by hosting a RallyCross event at your venue?  Read on to learn about what it takes to host one of the fastest growing amateur motorsports in America!

Photo Credit: Patrick Ploschnitzki


A RallyCross is an event in which one vehicle at a time is timed over a clearly defined course, with elapsed time and penalties for course deviations being the determining factor for awards. Events are held on unpaved, flat surfaces, where the course generally consists of short straight sections and connecting turns or corners. These events are held on short courses that emphasize vehicle handling and agility rather than speed or power, and drivers are never “door to door” with other competitors.

What does it take to host a RallyCross?


An Open Field

RallyCross events require open land with minimal obstructions such as trees, poles, ditches, or other features that may pose a hazard to our drivers or their cars during the event.  We require a minimum of 3 acres of event space, separate from parking, pit, and spectator areas.


Electric Service

For our Registration and Timing trailer, we need access to a single 15 amp, 110V electric power source – however, we can use our own portable power if needed.



Our events take place on “non-paved” surfaces, so the event surface should be grass, dirt, limestone, gravel, clay or any other loose material.  Some concrete or asphalt is acceptable, but should be kept to a minimum.  Extremely loose soil (“sugar sand”) is unsuitable for a race surface and cannot be used.


On-Site Services

On-site restrooms and running water for our drivers and spectators is preferred, but we can make arrangements to rent portable facilities.

Let's talk about it

If you’re interested in hosting a Central Florida SCCA RallyCross event at your venue, get in touch!  We’d love to bring our exciting events right to your doorstep.


We understand you may have more questions, so we’ve provided the answers to the most common questions we receive about hosting a RallyCross event below.  Or, feel free to reach out to us via email or through our Facebook or Instagram pages and we’d be happy to chat with you about hosting an event!

Do we need to provide staffing?

Our RallyCross program is a fully self-contained operation and bring our own administrative staff and workers to operate the event.  We don’t require our venues to provide any additional personnel.

Do you carry insurance for your events?

Every event is sanctioned through the Sports Car Club of America national office, and as part of that sanction we obtain liability insurance for every event.  For more information, please reach out to us via email!

How noisy is a RallyCross event?

Most vehicles at our RallyCross events are standard passenger cars, and many are licensed roadgoing vehicles that will drive their owners to work on Monday.  We also have Noise Control rules in place that limit the maximum loudness of the vehicles at our events, but to date no vehicle has come close to exceeding them.

How safe is a RallyCross event?

RallyCross events are very safe.  We have a very strict set of safety rules with which our events must comply, and a full team of staff and volunteers that ensure that the event is being conducted in the safest way possible. 

How much will the RallyCross event disrupt the event surface?

It is very likely that there will be some impact to the ground surface used for the event.  The amount of disruption depends entirely on the composition of the surface – some event venues experience deep ruts, while others are barely impacted at all.  A soft event surface not only experiences more disruption, but also becomes rough and may require more course adjustments during the event, leading to a less enjoyable experience for the drivers.  We prefer firm surfaces for our events, not just for the safety and comfort for our drivers, but also to minimize the impact of our events on your land.

Do you have references from other venues that have hosted your events?

We have developed close relationships with many venues across the state and would be happy to put you in touch with our contacts at these venues.  Please email us for more details!